Sunday, August 13, 2006

Parts in the post, pt. 40

Agoria’s new double A-sided 12” single “Code 1026 / Kick The Peace” has been released on PIAS / Different recently and is defo the best thing this project has put out for long. “Code 1026” is crisp, pumping and anthemic stuff for huge rooms featuring siren-like sounds and a massive breakdown while “Kick The Peace” is a decent, minimalistic tool for warmups and advanced dancefloors.

Remixes of Tarkan’s “Start The Fire” are floating around on promo circuit for a while via Urban / Universal. While the “ Mousse T. Abi’s Club Mix” works on the dancefloor for a while but fails when Tarkan starts to sing, the “Fat_Tony_Crew vs. Eniac RMX” does better as it leaves out most of the vocals but finally suffers from a huge string breakdown that defo sounds like crap commercial Trance. To be fair both remixes make at least an attempt to do good, but finally fail due to details.

Remixes of Yello‘s classic tune “Oh Yeah” have been put out via Universal Music these days. Part 1 of two includes reworks by Booka Shade, Bodzin & Huntemann as well as Tobias Luetzenkirchen which are some of the brand names in Minimal-, Electro- and TechHouse these days. All of them treat “Oh Yeah” well and deliver state of the art 2006 updates but still are far from the massive potential that the first wave of reworks entitled “Hands On Yello” had back in the days.

Mekon’s new single “Boy Bitten” / “Blood On The Moon” on Wall Of Sound / PIAS is on promo circuit now and ready to move some ass in different scenes. The Padded Cell remix of “Boy Bitten” featuring Rita Brown on vocal duties clearly aims on TechHouse- as well as ElectroClash-influenced dancefloors well appreciating the likes of Chicks On Speed or Malaria! , while the Inflagranti Remix of “Blood On The Moon” – Alan Vega and Bobby Gillespie on vocals here! – brings back the cold dirty sex of early NuBeat-days and wins here.

Roberto Rodriguez debuts on the fresh imprint Floor Tools with his 12” entitled “I Want To Be A DJ” which is out since July 26 th . Both tunes, B-Side’s a remix ironically named “I Want To Be A Trance DJ”, are sweet & sexy pumping TechHouse-workouts big time influenced by the days of AcidTrance accompanied by vibrating male vocals adding a slightly hormone-driven touch to the nights athmosphere. Big tune.

And now to something completely happy on Zeitgeist / Universal. The Springlove’s “Porque Te Vas” is on out on promo now - an ultra cheesy, Filter- / HappyHouse remake of Jeannette’s 1978 top seller of the same name. Sweet as a piece of chocolate candy both mixes provided by 2-4 Grooves and Vinylshakers put a phat smile on each ones face and due to this are great, no matter if this is commercial music or not. There’s only very few tracks of that specific genre out there deserving a full 10 points out of 10 and “Porque TeVas” gets 11.


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