Thursday, August 03, 2006

Parts in the post, pt. 39

German label Pharmacom Records has recently put out it's 21st release, a funny five tracker entitled "Gureto Fun *The Remixes" by Neotericz, which is a gameboy / 8bit related project focusing on bleepy low-fi structures & sounds we all know from the early days of video gaming. Similar to concepts like Micromusic this stuff is highly controversial as it seems there's only the option to love it or leave it and nothing in between.

Aura Fresh's "Slowdown E.P." is 012 of Super Six Goodies, serving three tracks of intelligent electronic dance music which might be described as TechnoJazz in a sense of early Cari Lekebusch- or Steve Stoll-releases. Defo a nice one for late night-sets on advanced dancefloors, but as most of todays clubs seem to focus on standard mainstream minimalism or KetamineHouse it might be hard to find a place to play out deep pumping stuff like this. Check. 013 of Super Six Goodies is Underground System's "Secret Files". This project by Roman Frolikov and Nikol Nazarov provides three massive, kinda oldskool'ish House-tunes strictly made for the dancefloor. Reduced to the max all tracks just focus on a pure hypnotizing groove and only a few additional elements that unfold an irresistible impact during their running time of 7 - 13 minutes comparable to some releases on Steve Bug's former imprint Raw Elements. File under: Future Classic.


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