Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Straight from the Ghetto - News on HipHop, pt. 17

G Unit associated rapper Young Buck has a new 12” out on promo circuit now entitled “Do It Myself” as a teaser for his forthcoming album “Buck The World” that is – guess what – to be released on G Unit / Interscope this year. Solid anthemic headnod stuff this is, not the big innovation thing but still a proper track that keeps floors buzzin‘.

Yes – Fergie is on myspace... . And she’s got a new single on promo circuit named “Fergalicious” which is based on massive – that means HUGE!, really HUGE! – booming 808-beats with an oldskool breakdance attitude, thrilling sounds tributing to long gone days as well that are meant to rock every fuckin‘ dancefloor from HipHop to Ghetto Bass to House to whatever. Although it took a few re-checks on my stereo system to discover the whole potential of the track it is defo one to check out. Talkin‘ oldskool here – somehow “Fergalicious” kinda reminds me of Cameo’s altime classic “Word Up” as the whole drum structures are ultra-minimalistic but still sexy and fired up with dirty, seductive attitude. Not only for the ladies.

Eminem comes up with a new single on his very own Shady Records – which, btw also went myspace - these days which is about to tease for his upcoming album “Eminem presents The Re-Up”. The track named “You Don’t Know” is a slow, simple and solid banger and features 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks and fresh faced Cashis on vox apart from Mr. Slim Shady himself who ain’t on his best tip here but still delivers kinda quality. On the flip there’s Stat Quo’s “Billion Bucks”, which is as well produced by Eminem and more anthemic due to its catchy lo-fi, ringtone-like hook and will be remembered for a longer time than the main track on this 12”.

DJ Shadow’s been a weirdo from day one, but one that produced at least cool yet not always accessible music. But when it comes to his latest release entitled “3 Freaks” which embraces influences from Crunk, Grime – soundwise that is – and digital Ragga/Dancehall it becomes even clearer that his best days are gone by far or, what might as well be, that he tries to get access to a wider audience to earn more bucks. What seemed to make sense on headphones at the time of the first check is kinda senseless on my stereo system and totally fails to convince. Any idea why A & M Records considered to put this on promo circuit?


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