Monday, June 18, 2007

Straight from the Ghetto - News on HipHop, pt. 26

One of the rare 100% sure shots to be found in todays major HipHop biz is delivered by Fabolous ft. Ne-Yo on Desert Storm Records / Def Jam as their new single "Make Me Better" features all ingredients to be an instant underground hit plus to gain major league airplay on heavy rotation. Beats are tight and minimal, epic strings are responsible for a melancholic urban athmosphere plus Ne-Yo serves his best work ever while singing the chorus starting out with the incredible line "I'm a movement for myself, but I'm force when we're together..." in a crooning DigiSoul-style pulls girls to the dancefloor as well as sticks in everyones ear for centuries. Seems to be the best HipHop/DigiSoul 12" released in 2007 so far and perfectly fits into Urban / Rhythm'n'Grime flavored sets as well. HUGE tune. Period.

Akon comes up with a new tune named "Mama Africa" on Universal Motown which seems to jump on a kind of positive, Sunshine Reggae-like bandwagon. Whilst the original, full vox version is too chart-flavored, cliche-fulfilling and cheesy the pure instrumental riddim is, although far from being underground or grass rooted, at least a nice one to be used as a tool from time to time.

Geffen Records just put a promotional 12" taken off Common's forthcoming album "Finding Forever" on promo circuit featuring the tracks "The People" and "The Game", both produced by Kanye West. Serving a laid back, old-skoolish vibe that might be flagged as Advanced HipHop compared to most releases these days both tunes are aiming straight at the dancefloor where they make all b-boys and breakers shake their bones on the ground going wild. How comes that tracks like these are so rare as this is a kind of HipHop that keeps it real without being into any gangsta bullshit at all but at the same time is accessible to non-purists from a musical side of things as they feature some jazzy samples and raw beats that'll be appreciated by any kind of Headz / Freestyle-DJ as well ?


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