Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Testsieger - Laguna Fantasia [Freunde Der Analogen Revolution]

On the circuit since september 11th is the new and recent album "Laguna Fantasia", straight out of the studios of the northern Germany-based duo Testsieger. Having seen & appreciated them live in Erlangen while being on tour I'm quite surprised that their album sound is not that Drum'N'Bass-/Breakbeat-influenced as their on stage performance but more referring aesthetically to the german Ingenious Dilletantes-movement and bands like the legendary DAF due to a partial lo-fi attitude caused by the use of vintage equipment as main source for their music plus the fact that the drum set is not that present at the very forefront of the album's mixdown when compared to a live showcase. But no matter what, this album is defo a good one and gets even better if you're able to catch up on their german lyrics meandering between DaDa-influences, irony and self-mockery, dancing and - clearly to be seen by anyone who has ever attended a german dance school in his or her youth - a severe trauma caused by such an institution - but this one is dealt with in a humorous way. Interesting and more important a quite unique one as there is no other comparable band around. Recommended.


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