Monday, September 21, 2009

Rosenstolz - Ich Bin Mein Haus *Tube & Berger Mixes [Universal / Island]

Well, the Universal / Island music group A&R people must be highly convinced that it might make sense trying to carve out a niche in club music for their successful cheesy Pop band Rosenstolz, otherwise it wouldn't make any sense that they're sending out so many DJ promos with different mixes accompanying each and every of the bands plenty releases. This time they've Tube & Berger on remix duties delivering a warm ElectroHouse vs. Minimal version served on a picture disc plate, a tune that is quite likely to be regarded as proper tool when one refers to their "Mein Haus Ist Dein Haus Dub Mix" musically but when one flips the record and switches to the full vocal mix there's nothing good to be left as the singers voice is just awful and the lyrics senseless. A one sided disc featuring nothing but the dubbed version would've done a better job here.


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