Monday, September 21, 2009

Marsheaux - Lumineaux Noir [Out Of Line]

Scheduled for september 25th via Out Of line is Marsheux' new album to be released under the name of "Lumineaux Noir" which is to be clearly checked out all those still loving SynthPop from the heart. A true sense for epic 80s songwriting meets uplifting Pet Shop Boys-attitude meets cold plastic eroticism meets original vintage equipment and, most important, the voices of the double-girl package Sophie and Marianthi that've already toured alongside the british head-honchos of female SynthPop: Client. Although there's no doubt that one has to be really into SynthPop-aesthetics to appreciate what's delivered in this pack of thirteen tunes I think this album is about to find its way to clubs and dancefloors of today and if it was released on vinyl I'd surely play out a few songs from the album myself when behind the decks.


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