Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bodymovin [Moonbootique Records Promo]

Fresh on Moonbootique Records is "Bodymovin", the self titled album of the creative production partnership project of DJ Friction and DJ Thomilla which goes under the same name. After having released only two 12"es introducing this new project it seems quite risky to have a full length album following up at this early stage, especially in these trouble times, but sometimes proper self-esteem pays out and this it what happens here, musically and hopefully in sales, too. Since Friction and Thomilla have come a long way and are established names on the HipHop circuit it's quite obvious that those influences are to be recognized in this album as well - not talking straight HipHop here but when it comes to styles as Funk, Disco, a bit of ItaloDisco and producers unique as Yello all these are making waves in this melting pot that can only be described as breed of slow, groovy and partly stripped down ElectroHouse mixed up with influences as mentioned. There's ladies tracks to be found that work best in small, steamy venues run and attended by underground experts as well as functional primetime rockers but all have this specific twist that makes them differ from your regular dancefloor fodder. Any yes, there's samples to be recognized by club veterans, and cowbells, sexy basslines and nice melodies. Well done.


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