Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wretched Hamburg Youth

All the time I hear and read complaints that more and more places and venues providing so-called underground or left-field music are closing down these days, but it seems like no-one makes up their mind on how those places really work, especially how DJ bars work that offer specific music spun live from turntables without demanding any entry fee. Those places are called bars coze they live and survive from selling drinks to their audience. That's where the money comes from to pay rent, electricty, staff and DJ's performing. If there's no money from selling drinks coming in they can't survive for a long time. Simple as bread and butter.

While spinning @ Meaniebar tonite, which wasn't admittedly packed at all, I experienced a good example of ultimate youth dullness. Two girls - one short haired and quite good looking, the other one obviously of asian, maybe vietnamese heritage - come by, sit down outside of the venue, nodding their heads to the music music coming out of our speakers on the street. After they sat for a while, they come in, use our toilets and sit down outside again without buying a drink. Instead of this, they open their bags and share a beer they brought with them, probably cheaply bought at the gas station around despite the cost of the cheapest beer @ Meaniebar is only 2.00 € which isn't a large amount of dough even if you're short of money anyway. Then a friend of them comes along, they finally enter the place, the guy buys one beer which they share - remember: three people, one beer !!! - , they headnod more, obviously like the music played out, sit for about an hour, use the toilets again and leave. What's this fuzz all about? Has anyone taught you about manners and/or respect for what is provided - a nice venue and music you're into? I can't help but feeling pity on those girls.


Anonymous Pipp The Schnippser said...

let's face it: that's how the people think today. why should i buy a beer or a longdrink for 2 to 6 eurodollars @ a nice bar, where they play some fine tunes, where a lot of people i like hang out, where i can get to know some similar minded folks and have sex with them when i can have all the stuff i want to drink for like 1 or 2 eurodollars? it's not about supporting your local livingroom anymore, it's about how i can get everything for free and still have the most fun. it's egoistic, dumb and shortsighted. but that's how mostly younger people roll today. they are just consuming everything along their way and they give a shit about how it's provided. and if you try to start a discussion, they just laugh about you, stating on their so called free will and independence to do what ever they like...

well, looks like me and my friends have to drink even more to support our favourite places... cheers!

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