Sunday, March 07, 2010

Gotan Project - La Gloria [¡Ya Basta! Records]

It's the latest release of ¡Ya Basta¡ Records that has been sitting in my P.O. box only yesterday. Released under the name of "La Gloria" as 10" pressing this latest work of Gotan Project will be appreciated by many fans, loving the fusion of Tango and styles of contemporary electronic music, Downbeat / TripHop in this specific case. But still this in not my cup of tea as I don't feel the Tango at all and I'm truly not the biggest fan of any kind of World Music vs. Electronics crossover movement. Not even the uptempo vision of Ninja Tune's Poirier on remix duties here can change my mind on this topic although his re-fix might work well within any kind of Kuduro / Baile Funk / Freestyle context and could be fitted in some UK Funky or Dubstep set as well although it takes some jocks with oversized balls to take that risk.


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