Wednesday, June 02, 2010

baze.djunkiii charts 06/2010

Constantly thinking about ways to fit more information about quality music into these pages I think its time to start a new monthly column to let all you trainspotters know more about my favorite tracks / records. Short descriptions, a few words or just a link if the specific release ahs already been reviewed here.

01. dBridge - Love Hotel / The Dim Light [Exit Records 022]
Deep Listening Music is the best term to describe this double A-sided 12", others might prefer the term Electronica. Still a surprise that in 2010 the most important output in this genre is provided by a former member of the Drum'N'Bass supergroup Bad Company. Of which I've never been a big fan to be honest.

02. Florence & The Machine - You Got The Love *Jamie XX Rework feat. The XX [FLOXX 001]
The original tune by Candi Staton is a classic and it's not easy reworking such a great tune. This time it's been reworked for good - quite unclassifiable stylewise, somewehat in between the spirits of Broken House / Phuzion, deepest basslines and helium driven vocal cutups. Makes ppl feel good due to it's weirdness.

03. Pupa Jim - I Am A Robot [Jahtari]
DigiDub / Electronic Reggae with a funny attitude. Weird processed lyrics about being a robot, feels like a novelty record and will be smashing up dances for sure.

04. Rude Kid - Electric / Screwdriver [No Hats No Hoods 011]
Rude Kid exploring terrains between Niche and instrumental Future Grime on this 12" being released on the Ruff Sqwad-related label. Both tunes are bangers that need no further description.

05. House Of Trax Vol. 4 [Trax Records / Rush Hour]
Features two versions of Maurice Joshua's "I Got A Big Dick" plus Blackman's "Beat That Bitch With A Bat". Classic dirty Chicago Acid House for those who know the score. One needs this.

06. Sven Tasnadi - Tell Me Again [Poker Flat Recordings 113 Promo]
See review for details...

07. Langenberg - Past Present E.P. [Dessous Recordings 097 Promo]
See review for details...

08. Madteo & Sensational [Lanquid 001]
Some might call it Beatdown, some will include it in their Cosmic selection. Ultra slow House music featuring Mutant HipHop pioneer Sensational on microphone duty which provides his first proper performance after a string a weak releases throughout the last months.

09. Nutone - Set Me Free [Hospital Records 165]
On the flip - the original A side - one finds a Drum'n'Bass-tune named "Hyper Hyper" which is full on bullshit. But the deep, melodic and slightly trancey Dubstep tune "Set Me Free" on the flip is a true masterpiece.

10. Trentemøller - Into The Great Wide Yonder [In My Room Promo]
See review for details...


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