Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wardrobe Memories - The Lodge [Shhhh Records 002 Promo]

The Shhhh Records-camp is about to unveal its next Armchair Techno-assault with the release of Wardrobe Memories' full length album "The Lodge" which is scheduled for september 30th - a release that does not only see the label stepping up to the album circuit but as well is the first Wardrobe Memories output in ages, seven years to be exact. Those who still remember the formerly Ambient / Drone-focused project from releases on Dhyana Records, EE Tapes or Schneetreiben might be surprised that the deep, relaxed vibe is now underlined with beats well fitting for advanced dancefloors while those longing for dancefloor tools will be puzzled by the featured vocal cut ups which are part of the conceptual idea of describing the daily life in a imaginery logde somewhere in Siberia with tracks warm and embracing but still kindly melancholia-driven. Quality crafted and recommended to all kinds of electronic music lovers, dancers or homelisteners, defo well fitting for fans of labels like Dial - talking their early work here - or Philpot, the deep listening factor of Newworldaquarium, Arne Weinberg and other related artists and, due to the limited print run of only sales 180 copies, a soon to be sought after collectors item.
Plus: there will be a special hand-numbered edition of 10 copies with additional individually created handmade artwork available at Hamburgs Otaku Records for a short period of time before the official release date.


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