Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Writings. Scribblings. Sketches. Abstractions. And Poetry?

Well, sometimes it takes ages to unveal another part of ones artistic work and sometimes there must be a reason to do so. My personal reason is - or was - a can of butter milk that cracked in my bag when I came home from buying some groceries and nearly ruined my sketchbook holding some ideas, sketches, unfinished texts and other creative stuff. No paintings.
Those who follow my musical doings for a long time might be surprised to hear that playing around with language has been a part of my - let's call it - artistic life for quite a while now, maybe around ten years but as I'm far from being a productive writer and the pages are filling slowly only a few close friends have been allowed to read some stuff. Until now and only due to the mentioned incident although I've been thinking about proper ways of publishing for some time. And no, I'm not going to write a book although the idea has been brought up by friends before. But for different reasons.
As I've more artistic and maybe multidisciplinary collaborations in mind some stuff is about to stay in the closet for now but time will tell if there's more meant to see the light some day. Expect some weird, maybe abstract stuff written in spontaneous, kinda fever'ish sessions, or somewhere on the train, the tube, snapshots and dark sketches, expressionistic outbursts I hope you might like, construe, understand or not. For some pieces I'm about to unveal the circumstances of writing or the story behind, at minimum the day or year of writing - the one you're about to read now was written on a train while I was on the road with Lars Lewerenz of Audiolith Records for a DJ-set, not sure whether we were going to or coming back from one but it was defo connected to DJ'ing and travelling. I wouldn't exactly call it a poem although it's formally influenced by poems for sure.

Untitled / written 05.11.2009

my mind's on the road
there's lights on the road
some die on the road
that's life on the road
destroyed on the road
annoyed on the road
there's signs 'long the road
for those who died on the road

mind dies on the road
life dies on the road
dreams die on the road
body dies on the road
love died on the road
deer died on the road
just concrete on the road
and some steel on the road

there's me on the road
feeling thrills on the road
travelling on this road
just for miles on this road
i love life on the road
love hotels long the road
all these people on the road
taking a trip on this road

you see faces on the road
travel further on this road
then they melt on the road
disappear on the road
turn to dust on the road
get sucked in to this road
become a part of this road
which decays.



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