Monday, October 17, 2011

Sascha Müller - Krankenhaus (PLATIN) [SM Traxxx 015]

All fans of raw, unedited Techno and Acid watch out for the next sequel of Sascha Müllers "Krankenhaus"-series under the name of "Krankenhaus (PLATIN)" which features two tracks as usual, both made for large industrial areas or grim underground bomb shelters rather than for polished hi-tech clubs. Especially "Krankenhaus (PLATIN) 1" is able to twist your braincells due to its hypnotic, ever evolving use of the beloved 303 whilst "Krankenhaus (PLATIN) 2" is a quite distorted affair and sounds like played through a very fucked up P.A. system. Crank this one up and your neighbours are about to hate you forever.


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