Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Steinkind - Es Wird Zeit [fubAk Entertainment / Danse Macabre]

Steinkind are about to unveal their next single "Es Wird Zeit", the second outtake of their recent album "Etappe 011", via fubAk Entertainment / Danse Macabre on October 14th - a piece dealing with those who've got the power these days, not only politicians but corrupt managers, bankers and their state of mind. And the fact that things might change. A few remixes are provided here covering styles like ElectroClash, Trance-influences or even the new kids' favorite: Hardstyle / Jumpstyle. But way more interesting are the two bonus tracks - a great Rummelsnuff cover of "Weil Wir Fressen " which sounds totally absurd and funny plus the alcohol intoxicated piece "Heidi", a weird ElectroSchlager anti-anthem dedicated to Miss Heidi Klum. I bet she won't be amused if she comes across this one... o_0


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