Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cyberchump - Their Moment Of Perfect Happiness [Internal Combustion]

Our statewise friends named Cyberchump a.k.a. Mark GE and Jim Skeel have done it again and released a new album named "Their Moment Of Perfect Happiness" via their very own Internal Combustion-imprint. Well, not an album exactly but a double album - that means two full hours to be spent in your personal armchair listening to deep, slightly playful Ambient, some decent partly Dub-influenced Downbeats and other warm and embracing musical wizzardry that makes you feel at home like a baby feels at home in its mothers womb. As you can guess from this description - we do like "Their Moment Of Perfect Happiness", not only for being classy but for fusing floating classic Ambient with some live elements which hasn't been done for quite a while now. Provide a copy to Ambient gods like Mixmaster Morris and I'll be they'll playing tunes like "Interstellar Dub Station Freakout" forever. Fully recommended!

This one's hard to get in Germany so take your chance to grab a copy via Hamburgs Otaku Records...


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