Friday, March 16, 2012

Sascha Müller - Shit Music [Pharmacom Records]

The man Sascha Müller is back with some - as the name suggests - "Shit Music" and a quite, errrm, shitty artwork coming with this limited to 20 pieces CDr that is about to please some fetish that I defo don't share. I'm not about to name it to avoid some aweful porn spam attack but as you might guess there'd be terrible smells if this wasn't just a fake. Anyway, the thirteen dirty stinky little fuckers on this one are only for the very brave-heartened listeners as what we gotta deal with here is HarshNoize and metallic distortion to the fullest - a sci-fi'esque, alienating and horribly cold Noise excess that does not leave room for much recognizable melody or hooklines, a nearly 35 minute album work dealing with destruction and sick grinding anti music made for fans of the legendary V/Vm label, Merzbow, Rgyeue DF and similar mindfucked people. Do not play to children. But to your neighbours. LOUD!


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