Saturday, April 21, 2012

Audiolith - Doin' Our Thing #2 [Audiolith Promo]

Released just today as an exclusive Record Store Day / Germany gem is the newest Audiolith longplay compilation named "Audiolith - Doin' Our Thing #2" for all those vinyl lovers around. Limited to 500 copies we see a lot of our beloved Audiolith stallions contributing to this one, sing along to Ira Atari's hyper lovely "In Love" and her ULTRNX collaboration serving the second version of "Doin' Our Thing" - the first one was to be found on the labels 50th release -, dance our asses off to Bratzes "Strafplanet" or the Bondage Fairies 8bit-relick of Egotronics anthemic "Rannte Der Sonne Hinterher", dream away to Clickclickdeckers melancholia-driven "Schutzraum" and enjoy further contributions by fresh signings as there are Fuck Art, Let's Dance!, Brazed, Johnny Mauser and more... . All over a good and quite enjoyable and first of all stylewise widely varied vinyl dish that proves that Audiolith has way more to offer than the Electro- / RavePunk style the label is known for all over the place and beyond. Grab your copy - today!


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