Friday, April 20, 2012

Naon - Working Title [M2A Promo]

Scheduled for May 11th via M2A is Naons new five track EP simply named "Working Title". Starting off with a Future Pop / NeoGoth-like cover of Eurythmics's uber-hit "Sweet Dreams" they pave the path for their musical vision of SynthPop 2k12 which is defo kitsch-loaden and infected by the so-called FuturePop movement but still the Wiesbaden-based outfit manages to balance underground attitude and mainstream appeal right to collect fans from overground and scene levels, a thing that not many bands can do without being accused of sell-out tendencies. But as they've been musically brought up in the 80s and have been touring the 90s with their 5-piece band "Say" one might guess that their vision is for real and not an attempt to earn some quick money. Check out if you're up for Electronic Pop and Synthetic Dance Romanticism - especially "No More Lies" is the one you're about to hear on your local dancefloor more than once.


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