Monday, April 23, 2012

Human Woman - Human Woman [HFN Music 017 Promo]

Forthcoming on the Hamburg-based HFN Music-imprint is the self-titled debut album of the fresh icelandic band outfit Human Woman which are on a journey exploring what their label files under the flag of Modern Electronic Pop - a fusion that can be identified as a mixture of 80s elements as there are SynthPop, Wave and a bit of PostPunk, a quantum of Funk and, to get into details, Paul Oakenfold's remixes for acts like Gary Clail or U2, all fused with elements of contemporary club music, SlowHouse and a bit of melancholia that keeps the dancefloor vibing off under one special groove that is the most unique and significant thing about Human Woman, a certain feel that is hard to describe but well recognizable, the red ribbon leading through songs like their singles "Delusional" and "Love Games" or pieces like "DDDI", the deep but anthemic "White Knight" or "Great Woman". Maybe that's the magic of Iceland they've been talking about earlier in their introduction to the world. Curious? You can see what Human Woman are all about in this video...


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