Thursday, May 31, 2012

Reptile Youth - Black Swan Born White Remixes [HFN Music 016 Promo]

Forthcoming soon via HFN Music is the labels next 12" serving club mixes of Reptile Youth's latest single "Black Swan Born White" which is taken to the 4/4-flavored dancefloors by the likes of Terranova and Mark E, both names highly credible and omni-present these days. Whilst the first mentioned are serving two deeply pumping House / TechHouse versions for late night sessions we'll find Mark E focusing on the prime time with a positive and quite aerial vision of layered string and melody arrangements brimming over with joy and positivity, making punters smile and wiggle all over the place, expecting an epic breakdown that never appears. What they get instead is an ever building tension and a quite surprising deepness to be found in the last quarter of the track, changing the mood by the use of transformed vocal snippets and a dreamy bassline alone. Nice one.


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