Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sascha Müller - II [Pharmacom Productions]

Sascha Müller is about to unleash his second free download album via his Pharmacom Productions platform which he uses to spread his more experimental releases these days, making them available for overall access but accepting donations via . And experimentalism rules for sure as there are dark'ish Drone / Noise pieces to be found on this one as well as other journeys into Ambient and Deep Listening Music for the open minded - stuff that obviously does not fit on his various other label outfits but still, this goes for most of the tracks here, is again expertly crafted and opens ones mind for inner eye journeys into the realms of imagination.Especially the epic 26 minutes piece "Last Train To Radio Ga Ga" with its random vocal snippets that seem to be traced from old wireless communication recordings partly reminds of the legendary mid-90s project named Single Cell Orchestra and is good not only for this reason.


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