Thursday, August 23, 2012

Arthur Boto Conley's Music Workshop presents Clifford Trunk [Travel By Goods 004 Promo]

Three tracks of a rather vague origin are featured on this limited to 333 pieces white vinyl 12" edition which is 004 of the great Travel By Goods-imprint and it remains unclear if the story about the Germany-born US-citizen and synthesizer / production pioneer Clifford Trunk told in the additional booklet is true or just made up . But what's way more important is the fact that the music served here is great no matter if you're talking about the epic Ambient / Armchair Techno-tune "940" that well reminds of classic Warp or R&S material or compilations as legendary as the "Artificial Intelligence"-series, pleasing listeners with deep vibes, broken rhythm patterns, calm strings and a lively, positive acidic attitude with flickering bleeps and an ever-varying but still recognizable and fascinating motif  or the free-floating and very uplifting variation of SpeedGarage meets TechHouse named "551 (Dub)" with its warm, embracing and deep as fuck sub that is even felt physically at low volume levels. Also to be found here is the closing tune "418" which is more of an open air track with an uplifting (Neo)Trance vs. TechHouse attitude, serving layers and layers of strings and arpeggios combined with raw hi-hat work that never turns cheesy at all despite filling dancefloors with smiling happy faces. Play this at the dawn of a new day and the crowd is about to love you forever.


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