Friday, August 10, 2012

I'm Not A Band - Bandband [AdP Records]

Fresh on the circuit via AdP Records is "Bandband", the eleven track strong second album of the charmingly named band-outfit I'm Not A Band  pleasing their followers with a sweet mixture of SynthPop and Electro-driven IndiePop after the instrumental and synth-loaden opener "The Contest". Rocking the dancefloor with creaky basslines and positive 8-bit melodies with a bit of a lo-fi attitude bands like Bondage Fairies are coming to mind quickly as comrades in arms, working on a similar musical field although there's not much of anarchism to be found in I'm Not A Band compared to the mask-wearing double pack unless you'll refer to the unusual amalgamation of Disco glitz, heavy e-violins and Acid lines as breaking the rules unspoken of. But although there's sweet innocence and bitter love to be found here, play one of these tracks in your local Indie club or even youth centre and the kids will go bonkers as if ElectroClash never happened before. Plus: play "Woody" or the melancholia-driven "Shadow Gaps" on any day time radio station a few times and you'll quickle double or even triple the bands fan base immediately. Yes, this is Pop but we're not afraid of that. Climb the ladder, hit the charts. Full support.


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