Monday, August 13, 2012

Auto.Matic.Mix [Schaf Records]

Forthcoming on the Augsburg-based label Schaf Records, associated with the club Schwarzes Schaf being a long term stronghold in the cities nightlife, is the full length DJ-mix CD named "Auto.Matic.Mix" celebrating the flow and biggest hits and beloved gems of the event series "" taking place in that venue regularly for several years now. And unlike many party related mixes this one really aims to tell a story, starting out with an AmbientPop feel before the first danceable beats appear and the first highlight  demands attention which is  Robag Wruhme's extraordinary re-edit of Audisions "Yellow Sunset". From that point onwards the mix gains immediate momentum with epic TechHouse- and (Neo)Trance-related tunes by the likes of Antena, The MFA, Sascha Funke and the likes of serving trusted and proved material for peak time moments before peacefully closing down with Trentemöllers "Moan" reworked by Mikael Simpson, sending punters home safely after a fantastic ride through the night that is, as far as our information goes, turntable crafted and not digitally re-fixed which is a huge plus these days for DJ mixes. A sweet musical compagnon for blissful summer nights and defo a mix that's about to last for more than one season. Recommended.


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