Wednesday, August 15, 2012

baze.djunkiii presents PINK MINIMALISM [Intrauterin Recordings Anti-Art Series #1]

Just coming back from the Ameise pressing plant where I picked up part one of the new Intrauterin Recordings subsidiary it's now all about putting stamps to these beautiful pink and virgin blank 7" discs today and tomorrow. But despite the fact that there's no official release date to be announced yet as distribution details have to be sorted still a few early bird copies can be picked up yet via Hamburg's Otaku Records from later today.

Very few upfront promo copies will be floating around amongst selected press associates and our closest friends - don't ask for free copies if you're not on the list.

If you still haven't got an idea what the meaning of the PINK MINIMALISM concept might be just read the press & release info here.



After 7 long years of silence the Hamburg-based underground imprint INTRAUTERIN RECORDINGS unleashes its next record or better: an anti-record as the most might say, a plain statement for the  love of vinyl, a record that can't even be ripped or downloaded and still is made for collectors and lovers - limited to 120 hand-stamped copies worldwide.

So what's this fuzz about an anti-record about? A piece of vinyl that cannot be ripped? The answer is simple and obvious. There is no music. There's not even a groove to be found on this one. Just a plain and simply beautiful piece of virgin vinyl, prompting everyone - as the stamped B-side says - to "ENGRAVE YOURSELF." , an invitation to make a limited but still machine made piece a very unique and personal one, a request to make up ones mind and get ready for some experimentation.

This record does not intend to send out a big FUCK YOU to everyone working in the digital circuits of the music industry. This record is a gift to all free spirits out there.

No represses. Once run out this anti-record will be gone forever.


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