Monday, August 20, 2012

Nico Lahs - My Side EP [Poker Flat Recordings 132 Promo]

The next 12" announced via Poker Flat Recordings is Nico Lahs' new EP named "My Side" which is not only his single debut on Steve Bugs label but also the next logical step after coming on strong with a string of releases put out via imprints like 8bit Records, Ovum or Rue De Plaisance lately. And despite the fact that discovering electronic music just happened unplanned and by chance his tracks - especially the title piece - seem to be thickly filled with all the wisdom and knowledge of two decades of club culture, being deep, funky and uber-sexy at the same time, made for those very special moments when the clubs air is soaking wet and steamingly hot, when damp bodies are rubbing closely against each other on a jam-packed dancefloor and it needs just a little to set the fire ablaze as the dancehall people say. Same goes for Daniel Dexters remix work on the flip, crossing over between clubby TechHouse and warm, floating arrangements that can be described as trancey in a sense that refers to Trance as the deep, melodic and hypnotic club music it used to be before everything turned into cheesy melodies and annoying drum rolls. Finally there's "Symptoms" on B2, turning the Tech off the House and serving a sweet, positive late night vibe while everyone's preparing for the last dance of the night. The "Symptoms" of this track? Smiling faces everywhere.


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