Monday, August 27, 2012

DJ Dick Live @ Mayday 1994

Another classic rave gem here. I still got a tape of that party including the full set somewhere in my archive and I've listened to that tape for at least a thousand times as it spreads an incredible energy which is totally different to what you experience in electronic dance music events these days. Thinking of that more closely and feeling at this very moment that these tape recordings might have been quite influential - not necessarily when it comes to skills or music but surely when it comes to energy levels and euphoria - to my own DJ'ing I think that's one of the reasons I stopped to play out. A lack of energy music- as well as crowdwise and saturated punters not longing for something fresh and new anymore. Although I'm glad that I was able to experience a few of these incredible "everyone's going bonkers"-moments throughout my career I don't think it's worthwile to continue as these have been rare, especially throughout the last years, and saturation has been taking over as everyone and their mother seem to refer to DJ's as their personal jukebox which I'm not.
Plus: due to the digital DJ becoming a standard these days and everyone being a DJ (or pretends to be)  fees have been declining continually which means that - in most of the cases - payments are not on a level anymore that is making up for staying up all night, hanging out in places packed with mostly drunk or drugged people when one's preferring to stay sober or, if drinking, sticking with the good stuff which again is not catered in underground places.


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