Friday, August 31, 2012

Downliners Sekt - Trim/Tab [InFine Promo]

Scheduled for September 17th is the release of "Trim / Tab" , the newest outing of long-time bass music heads Downliners Sekt which are the newest addition to the broad InFine artist roster, the labels first step into the depths of subsonic bass and at the same time a prequel to the forthcoming Downliners Sekt artist album. Musically located somewhat in between Future Garage, the latest works of artists like Stefan Betke a.k.a. Pole, Monolake and the haunting PostRave-feel of the Burial's debut, featuring melancholia-driven vocal snippets, abandoned piano tones and crackling, murmuring background noises "Trim / Tab (Part One)" seems to be a perfect closing tune after a long bass-infused night out whilst "Trim / Tab (Part Two)" comes up with a similar feel but is based on a skelatal halftime beat that surely is about to puzzle punters due to its anti-groove attitude meant and made to suck the dancefloor in to a deep, post urban Future R'n'B-nirvana. Nice one.


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