Friday, August 10, 2012

baze.djunkiii Charts 08/2012

01. Peaking Lights - 936 [Weird World Records]
Despite the fact that the Peaking Lights recently released their new album "Lucifer" which has been seen over all press coverage throughout the last months I just discovered them due to the fact that the folks at one of my favorite hangout spots named Die Gesellschaft played their 2011-released "936" several times while I was spending time there, having coffee and cake or my regular sundays breakfast. And "936" immediately caught my attention for serving a fine blend of sweet and innocent lo-fi, blurred Campfire Folk and classic Dub - a mixture that is not found in your record stores shelves on a regular basis and defo sth. special. Originally released via Not Not Fun the Weird World Records pressing is on heavy light yellow vinyl and, although a bit quiet in mastering, defo a piece to hunt down for sure not only for the massive hit that "Amazing And Wonderful" is. Must have.

02. AlunaGeorge [Triangle 014]
Quite a surprise on the usually WitchHouse associated Triangle-imprint that comes up with three sparse but still hyper-sweet pieces of Neo-/DigiSoul and Urban music on this 12" which are really touching my hurt heart with their innocent vocal attitude. Imagine Dillon on a R'n'B tip and you'll get quite close to this one. Truly adorable.

03. Skrillex vs Damian Marley - Make It Bun Dem [SKRILLEXBUNDEM 003]
What a banger. Usually I'm not the biggest fan of Skrillex and his Brostep sound if at all but this one, especially due to the massive stick-in-your-ear vocals served by Mr. Damian Marley, totally got me the balls as it's gonna set every floor on fire, no matter if dropped in a soundclash or at a very highfire moment in a Dubstep dance. Plus: the live mashup version of "Welcome To Jamrock" in its awful, recorded in front of the stage and mobile phone recorded sound quality makes me laugh everytime I put this record on - this can't be serious for no reason but has a novelty record bonus for sure... "Ladies!"

04. Da Grynch - Release The Hounds [Necessary Mayhem]
More quality Dub affairs have been found on the Necessary Mayhem-imprint these days which has been specialising in a mixture of classic Reggae and Dubstep and mashing up dances with their bass heavy output. With Da Grynch's first full length LP they're serving a bunch of seven high quality Roots Dub riddims that easily prove that a classical Dub approach is still of relevance although this genre has been around for 40+ years now. Check "Possessed Dub", "Ravers" or "Access Denied" and you will well agree with that. Timeless.

05. Hrdvsion - Prettier Than That / Midnight Operator - Dangerous Behaviour [Wagon Repair Limited 010]
It's quite a surprise to see that the Canadian Wagon Repair crew is embracing Future / Speed Garage with this beautiful white vinyl 12" pressing and serving a huge instant classic as they're starting from scratch in this musical field. This goes for Hrdvsions "Prettier Than That" that is built on a foundation of uptempo House, eerie strings, a deep as fuck sub, tense athmosphere and lively, cut-up R'n'B vocals that one's never about to forget after hearing this tune for the first time. People might call it House but it's more related to UK Bass Music than to classic House - not only due to its slightly gangster'ish vibe. Midnight Operator on the flip serves a fusion of Electro, BigBeat and NuSkoolBreaks likely to be loved by those who've been appreciating DJ Tocadisco's "Nobody Likes..." a few years ago - similar in style but no vocals involved here and going way deeper with a funky, ever moving bass line. A sweet tune for intimate and very late night sessions.

06. L.U.P.O. / Adriano Patane - Thirteen EP [Gigolo Records 291]
Actually I've been - although not actively - looking for a copy of L.U.P.O.'s 1990-released uber-hit "Hell Or Heaven" since I first heard it as a teen somewhen in the mid-90s and following my personal policy of "I don't find records but records find me" which goes for mostly all of them tunes and records sitting in my secret in mind wantlist I'm quite happy that Gigolo Records decided to re-release this all time ProtoHouse classic which is the main and only reason for me to purchase this 12" as I can't do much with the average TechHouse provided by Adriano Patane although his tune "En Memoria A Santiago" spreads a nice oldskool'ish latin flavour that accompanies L.U.P.O.'s massive tune well. And btw - did I ever unveal that I stopped having a real wantlist around the age of 16 coze it was already 3000+ strong back then?

07. Hackman & Bluto - What Matters [Deadplate 003]
Another uplifting gem that is crossing borders between House, SpeedGarage, Future Garage and UK Funky, embracing a wider audience than any of this single genres alone could and working crowds right no matter where and when hammered through a massive P.A. system. Both tunes are decent bangers in their own right although neither being too obvious nor using musical platitudes and it seems like the amalgamation of the best ingredients of every genre mentioned served in records like this is the dawn of a new era on todays dancefloors, reconciliating Breakbeat and bass heads and House / DeepHouse aficionados again which haven't shared dancefloors for a long time now.

08. Ender - Ohmu EP [Seahorse & Castle 003 Promo]
See review for details...

09. Jason Grove - Lost Cuts 3 [Wax Classic 005]
Little is known about the heritage of these four tracks although at least some information is found about the Detroit-born Jason Grove who's said to have started out DJ'ing in the 80s when the whole Techno / House thing started. But no matter if these tunes have remained unreleased and undiscovered for ages until today or if they're just emulating the ultra-loveable mid-90s style in House music on a perfect level - these four pieces are not to be missed by any House head around as they're spreading a 100% feel good, uplifting vibe that is missed badly in many of todays productions. Gem!

10. Stiff Little Spinners Volume 2 [Audiolith Promo]
The Hamburg-based Audiolith-camp unveals their second exploration in a new musical field with their next volume of the well-appreciated "Stiff Little Spinners"-series, once again built on a club-fitting 4/4 founndation but going deeper as ever with these six tracks provided by Krink, Kalipo, Gimmix & Julei, Rampue, Marseille & Mendoza as well as Torsun Teichgraber all together serving a fine blend of DeepHouse, SlowHouse and (Neo)Cosmic plus - this goes for Mr. Teichgrabers track only - a bit of the new Berlin humpa-craze induced by places like Bar 25 and the likes of. A quality menu of six sweet and well innocent tracks that's limited to 300 copies only - that's defo not enough 12"es floating around to please every potential lover of these tunes so just be quick and grab a copy off the shelves of your local dealer before they're gone forever. Favorite pick: Marseille & Mendoza's "Aviary" for its (Neo)Trance-attitude and epic vocal sample - goosebumps!


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