Thursday, November 15, 2012

Zombie Nation - RGB [Turbo Recordings Promo]

Fresh on the circuit via Turbo Recordings is "RGB", the latest longplay outing of the infamous Zombie Nation project that's serving a proper 13 track blast with this one, embracing the undeniable Rave power of dark'ish sawtooth basslines catering a "(I'm The One And Only) Dominator" attitude, mixing that up with some clonking subbass hits and the inevitable ElectroHouse / NuRave energy that's still hyping youngster crowds but - seen in the long run - might be a bit tiring for oldskoolers. But no matter what, tunes like "Sigma", the lo-fi Italo-influenced "Attic Sundays", the ElectroBreaks driven "TryOuts" or "Pony" do have their charming points in their unfiltered exaggeration of dancefloor excess and if you're looking for that you'll defo appreciate  "RGB" as the soundtrack of choice. Bang.


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