Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tiger Fingers - Tiger Fingers [Hafendisko 005 Promo]

Having released their first single "Little Drummer Girl" only today it's about time to announce the new musical outing of Jordan Lieb - also known as Black Light Smoke - & Asako Fujimoto a.k.a. Tiger Fingers that's due on December 17th and, although being a debut kind of album / EP , might be the last ever Tiger Fingers release as the band already had split up before their music was signed to the hafendisko label. That's quite special when it comes to a debut and at the same time farewell release but the labels A & R department did no wrong to get hold of these six tracks anyway. Apart from the mentioned epic SynthPop vs. CosmoStep-focused single release tracks like "Small Talk" or "Say It To Me" showcase a feel for great songwriting and partly innocent but always seductive vocal parts somewhat in between Indie moods and a little spaced out Electronic Funk blended with 80s Pop and trippy synth works - an amalgamation that's quite unique and remarkable and it's a pity that we won't see any update on the musical progress of Tiger Fingers in the near future if at all. Reunite, folks.


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