Sunday, June 23, 2013

Dr. NoiseM / Duality Micro [Dr. NoiseM Tapes]

Yes, tapes are alive and the cassette scene seems to be in a good state referring to the fact that there are occasional cassette promos flying in on a quite regular basis these days. And so was this, a short two track split-piece by Dr. NoiseM and Duality Micro which was sitting in our P.O. box without a proper tray but wrapped in - not: barbed - wire. Musically we see the mysterious Dr. NoiseM catering a stone cold accumulation of chittering sci-fi tones that sound like a computer tilting in a futuristic 1970's flic whilst Duality Micro comes up with a melodic, ever modulating but completely beatless piece of 8bit / Micromusic that might stem directly from an original SID chip unit which, in fact, emitted a kind of underground hit here. And btw - this approx. 5 minutes overall tape is limited to only 15 pieces world wide so it's a true collectors gem for sure.


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