Thursday, November 21, 2013

Cernlab - Atomherz [Electroton 014 Promo]

After nearly one and half years of silence the Electroton label is back with the release of "Atomherz", the first physical release of Marek Slipek's project Cernlab following up to the digital album "52.09" the Ukrainian artist released on the same label in 2009. With this release Cernlab serves a quadruple view on highly precise, cold digital Phonk and Electronica that includes not only great bass-driven synth notes but also eerie sounds and great wanderings through the acoustic stereo field alongside rhythmic sawtooth noise patterns quite similar to electrical grounding tones on old p.a. systems. With the third track "Vietnamsugar" Cernlab introduces the ever pumping magic of a straight 4/4 bass drum structure to his musical approach and caters a sweet Minimal Techno vision reminiscing to Cologne classics on labels like Studio or Profan whilst the closing title track is the soundtrack to alien activities in secret, acidic cavern swamps on faraway planets. You don't want to meet what's living in these places... but it makes interesting sounds.


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