Monday, November 18, 2013

Trentemøller - Gravity [In My Room Promo]

Scheduled for early December is the release of the third single taken Trentemøller's recent album "Lost" which is gonna be "Gravity" featuring Jana Hunter of Lower Dens-fame on vocal duties. Apart from the epic, seductive melody driven Original Version and its shortened Radio Edit we'll find a stretched out eight minutes re-fix provided by the Danish band outfit Pinkunoizu which are switching between echo'ing, analogue heavy (Neo)Cosmic, an obvious PostKraut attitude and partly irritating, clanging anti-groove aesthetics playing around with staggered drum patterns and double time phrases, meandering through time and space with an artschool'ish, quite experimental feel served on sweet 10" vinyl. Also to be found here is the original instrumental cut which - without the vocals - seems likely to be loved by all Indietronica-headz out there. Watch out.    


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