Thursday, November 14, 2013

Soon To Come: Lisa Morgenstern - Amphibian

Great news have it that Lisa Morgenstern, the untouched mistress of Dark Sonnet and Theatrical Chanson, is about to self-release her crowdfounded debut album "Amphibian" in less than 10 days which means November, 22nd. Having introduced her intense musical magic to the readers of these pages after an impressive show in April we were quite thrilled to see the longplay thing finally happen after her decision to take care of her own releasewise to achieve full and final artistic freedom and as far as we get things from a full length "Amphibian" prelistening session via soundcloud it was this freedom she needed to unfold and shape what was already set and lying within her stunningly intense live performance. Although the heavily commuting dynamic eccentricity of going from near to silence whispers into screaming out the pain and longing that lives deep down in Lisa Morgenstern's soul within a split second seemingly has been cut back a little for reasons of consistency and her songs are now partly backed by additional violins and strings to an alleviating effect the album perfectly reflects the dark beauty, sorrow and deep melancholia filling the internal realms of the artist which is going way beyond the usual boundaries of the album format here. If any, the best way of describing "Amphibian" within only a few words would be to define it as theatromusical tale of eleven acts in which today's affliction is embedded in faraway echoes of medieval fog banks and the undeniable grave elegance of courtly rites and suavities. Recommended.



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