Monday, November 25, 2013

ujif_notfound - Aneuch [Electroton 015 Promo]

Once again limited to an edition of 100 copies edition of 3" CDrs is the latest release on the great experimental music label Electroton which is expertly crafted by the Kiev based media artist Gregoriy Potopalsky a.k.a. ujif_notfound who - within three tracks and approx. 22 minutes runtime - perfectly merges the beauty of classically floating Ambient and ChillOut structures with the precise, futuristic, algid and surely hyperdigital sounds of the Clicks'n'Cuts genre that seemingly went a bit out of focus throughout the last years. But releases like this one are like a light at the end of the tunnel and especially the partly organ emulating synths and strings on top of rhythmic patterns built of clicks and static noise cutouts served in the closing track "Pain When" prove that there is still room and need for this kind of sound. Recommended.


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