Monday, December 02, 2013

Black Manual - Mordendo [Brigade Commerz Promo]

What an intense album - maybe the most intense longplay piece released in 2013. Mouse On Mars co-founder and longtime music experimentalist Jan St Werner recently discovered the rhythmical and structural magic lying within the afrobrazilian-rooted spiritual way of the Candomblé cult and fuses - with a little help studiowise coming from his longtime partner in mouse which is Andi Toma - its wild, highly fever'ish polyrhythmical patterns and ancient, mystical vocal outtakes with uber-cold, robotic, partly screeching, partly drone'esque electronic pieces seemingly coming from somewhere beyond our regular space-time-continuum. Harsh, alienating drones and pulsatile bass tones meet clearly defined short circuit noises, brain killing alarm tones - see "Grito Das Ras"- and ever intense drum works, no matter if these drums seem to explode like a rattling thunderstorm caught in some dell bouncing back and forth between the rocks or - in opposite - seem to be fading off into near silence, providing only slight and quiet movements before the next heavy attack bursts out of nothing, sucking braincells - and possibly souls - in like an acidic alien maelstrom consisting of grinding, revolving variations of darkness. And not everyone might survive in this.

Black Manual live (Credit: Thomas Knoefel)
If any this album can be compared to exactly none of the records, tapes or CDs that's sitting in the reviewers quite eclectic multi-thousands collection of sound carriers and is therefore recommended to all lovers and appreciators of the leftfield, new, demanding and advanced in quality [electronic] music.

Black Manual live (Credit: Thomas Knoefel)


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