Monday, December 02, 2013

Sascha Müller - Matra EP [Psychocandies 021]

Set for release in January 2014 via the more Acid-flavored Psychocandies label is Sascha Müller's "Matra EP", a three track piece which starts with the nothing less but stunning "Matra 3" - a perfect fusion between deep, spiralling Acid and string-backed, floating Intelligent Techno. Next up is the "Need For Synthetic Destruction", a raw, breakbeat-based piece of Robotic Phonk including trancey 303 lines, unprocessed beat loops plus a few, kinda ritual synth ingredients of unknown origin. Finally "Travel Thru Space" takes us a trip to the deepest realms that Electro can provide with calm ethereal strings and a solemn attitude reaching out to the most advanced dancefloors only. 


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