Monday, March 10, 2014

baze.djunkiii Charts 03/2014

01. Garnier - AF 0490 [Still Music Chicago]
Laurent Garnier a.k.a. Garnier is a true master of his craft and defo serving three bangers on this one. Whilst the trademark intro hihats of "Bang (The Underground Doesn't Stop)" reminisce about the still massive Trance classic "Age Of Love" stomping, highly fueled drums are marching floorward, a sampled and cut childs choir is doing its thing, piano stabs provide a quite on-point, uplifting feel, brushes go mad and things get a bit jazzy when it comes to short, well-elaborate moments of climax. On the flip "Boom (Chakolak)" serves huge 808 bassdrums and a stripped down Electro swing that perfectly suits into both GhettoTech / GhettoHouse as well as Future Garage / UK Funky sets with its skeletal approach and driving claps and snares that are about to drive punters mad. Buying two copies of this 12" for turntable tricks seems to be a considerable move when it comes to this tune. Finally "Beat (Da BoxX)" turns out to be a tense, heavyweight primetime slammer for all those addicted to the wild pitch movement and classic labels like Radikal Fear or the likes of bringing raw, untamed House music to those who know.

02. Frederico Leocata - The Man From Another Place [Last Known Trajectory]
Skipping through the Electro shelves and crates of your local record store there's always that one single record that sticks out due to its special, unique look and when that happened throughout the last year or so it's most likely that this record was one released by the great imprint Last Known Trajectory that sports sealed silver foil packaging for each and every single one of the labels catalogue. Living up to this cold, quite futuristic design we see the Italian producer and audo-visual artist Frederico Leocata serving a bunch of five slow motion Electro tracks with a moody, threatening but still kind of listening or ambient'ish feel which could perfectly serve as soundtrack for scifi-classics like "The Andromeda Strain" or likeminded movie pieces. Deep as fuck and well recommended to all Electro headz out there.

03. Vince Watson - Planet Funk [Poker Flat Recordings 145 Promo]
Steve Bug's Poker Flat Recordings seems to be on a more technoid tip these days, serving some musical greatness coming straight from the desk of Bio-head Vince Watson who's about to take dancefloors by storm with the epic, thrilling, Detroit-infused melancholia spread by the title track, its overwhelmingly blue synth line and progressing stabs which are transferred into more stripped down, frolicking TechHouse realms by Berlin's Marco Resmann on the flip. Finally we see Vince Watson explore a kind of tribal'esque "Paradise" with the track of the same name serving late night strings of epic beauty and a warm ocean of organic bass falling together as a perfect example and blueprint of a style they once named Intelligent Techno.

04. Cybotron - Enter [Fantasy Records / Decision]
A seminal classic. The beginning of Electro. The prototype of Detroit Techno. Released 31 years ago and still relevant enough to be repressed on vinyl for the first time ever since its initial release back in 1983. If you love electronic music of any kind you'll need to buy and own this. There's no excuses.

05. Andy Ash - Workin E.P. [Dessous Recordings 118 Promo]
Dessous Recordings seems to re-adjust its musical focus a bit with this one that's turning away from the DeepHouse and introducing uplifting but still undeniably Detroit-influenced House music with the title track featured on the A-side whilst "Mind Flow" on B1 introduces itself as a classic late night groover with well known and loved female vox bits, classic bass tone movements, claps and sexy, longing string arrangements. Finally we see the B2 track "Release An Check Pt.1" providing deep, traditional vibes again, introducing vibrating chords and lively 303-movements accompanied by ecstatic breakdowns for those who know. Sweet one.

06. My Favorite Robot - Atomic Age Remixes [No. 19 044]
A massive triple bag of remixes for tracks taken off the latest My Favorite Robot album "Atomic Age" is provided by the likes of Jimmy Edgar, Mr G and Kate Simko here, covering the full spectrum from anthemic Techno with chrome synth hooks emerging from distortion filters and highly digital circuits, deep, epic bass perfectly balanced with what might be named as uber-functional Tribal Tech and finally a stripped-down, spring-flavored vision of high quality Romantic House tenderly pleasing all those who love to fall in love on the dancefloor.

07. Andrade - Madness E.P. [Dessous Recordings 119 Promo]
If you like your House music deep, intimate and kinda tool'ish this one might be well appealing to you as it embraces the term "late night groove" to the fullest. Albeit not the best or most thrilling Dessous Recordings release these three cuts provide some decent sweetness for all those jocks playing the very late or early morning hours before a long night slowly comes an end. 

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