Friday, March 07, 2014

Downliners Sekt - Silent Ascent [inFine Promo]

Finally, after being announced for a long time prior to this date, to be released on April 7th is "Silent Ascent", the label debut album for Downliners Sekt after two 12" releases on the eclectic inFine imprint. Once again meandering through their very own, precisely defined sonic realms incorporating Dubstep, Broken Techno, blurry PostStep-atmospheres and, that goes for most of the twelve tunes featured on "Silent Ascent", a vibe that will be appreciated by all followers of the so-called FutureGarage movement the Downliners' sound revolves around decent bass and a sparse, reduced but never minimalistic beat structure that, in all of its different layouts and variations, seems to be most suitable for very late night crowds longing for pure groove instead of having heavily twisted basslines and triple warped layers of multi-synth war nuking the dancefloor for hours. This one's for the more advanced headz out there that do appreciate the twisted MythStep-worlds provided by the legendary Shackleton, high quality DubTechno and producers like Deadbeat or even James Ruskin which are continually crossing borders between the straight 4/4 drums and more complex patterns. Three to check: "Eigers Dreams",  the sweet cinematic Ambient skit going by the name of "Reversal" and the tender, intimate "Etern" which seems to touched by somewhat medieval Folk textures in certain ways. Nice and well-varied.


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