Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Emptyset - Recur [Raster-Noton 151 Promo]

Raster-Noton. Albeit having released a few occasional dancefloor suitable records throughout all its years on the circuit the label has always been standing strong as a firm reliable fortress in terms of releasing a steady string of records that, usually, went way beyond what the common understanding of music is, building and feeding a growing followship craving for what might be described as meta music  exploring and re-thinking the micro sounds of the digital age. So it makes perfect sense to see Emptyset's nine track album "Recur" appear on the label only recently as the duo of James Ginzburg and Paul Purgas have proven their refined sense for meta rhythms and musical abstractions with releases on labels like CLR, Subtext and Caravan Recordings. And although I've got to admit that none of their previous releases fully convinced me in the past listening to a full 35 minutes of buzzing, Industrial-flavored Rhythmic Noize and Electronica as well hissing Death Ambient - listen to "Absence" for the darkest Drone and processed Field Recording layers released in the past months! - featured on "Recur" whilst experiencing the detailed movements within the stereo field on cranked up headphones turns out to be quite a thrilling thing to do. Therefore, and given the fact that "Lens" balances between Ultra Slow Motion Dubstep and creepy, electric Illbient at its best, "Recur" can - at least from our point of view - be rated as the best longplay effort unleashed by Emptyset so far. Recommended for fans of Pan Sonic and all things related.


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