Saturday, March 15, 2014

Orcas - Yearling [Morr Music 128 Promo]

With their sophomore album "Yearling" scheduled for April, 4th the Orcas project of Benoit Pioulard and Rafael Anton Irisarri progressed from a duo into a quadruple pack of musicians as Martyn Heyne of Efterklang and Michael Lerner - also known as Telekinesis - entered the formation to participate in the groups musical vision that can be described and defined as a blurred, shoegazing version of intimate IndieFolk that's neither afraid of Ambient-driven spheres - see the introductionary "Petrichor" for this - or burly drummings accompanied by heavy distortion and feedback waves as well as twang guitars. If one listens closely one might even recognize that tender, acoustic tribute is paid to Boards Of Canada's legendary "Music Has The Right To Children" album in songs like the intimate "Half Light" whilst the bass induced "Selah" unveils a deep, possibly sub-aquatic Ambient feel for all those being in love with Deep Listening Music which, due to its slowly emerging beat structures, seems to be a perfect tune to get ChillOut floors into the groove. Listening to the first 90 seconds of "An Absolute" one might even think of Alt.Country-references before the soft shoegazing vocals do strike again and the follow-up "Filament" walks down a dark'ish, possibly even ritual'esque and defo Lynch-influenced alley with thudding drums and sacred athmospheres. Finally things come full circle with the closing "Tell" which, once again, is a meandering Ambient piece of cinematic qualities and approx. 9 minutes of total playtime, sending each and every listener into the land of dreams due to its varying, all embracing flow.


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