Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Farben & James DIN A4 - Farben presents James DIN A4 [faitiche 012 Promo]

Coming up next on Jan Jelinek's very own faitiche-Label is this conceptual ten track album which sees the label owner kinda curating the musical oeuvre of James DIN A4, picking ten of his personal favorites and using his very own Farben alias to weigh in here, speaking in terms of presentation. The result of this process at large can be described as a journey into hyper-detailed but still blurred, quavering MicroHouse realms with a friendly twist, adding layers and layers and layers of sound bits, using the discreet bassdrum and other percussive elements as canvas for a sonic collage that only by chance happens to be dancefloor friendly, kind of. But interestingly it's one of the three short'ish and beatless interludes -"Rettung" - that turns out to be the most fascinating piece on this album as it seems to work around the same parameters as Kostnice's 2005-released Dark Ambient / NeoClassical masterpiece "Finsterfelden" which is one of my personal alltime classics in this specific field. When it comes to more dancefloor-driven pieces on "Farben presents James DIN A4" it's the subaquatic House of "Krieghelm Hundewasser" that wins the race due to its quite seductively bubbling basslines and the dark'ish, late night BarJazz-like chords slowly emerging in the tracks second part, reminiscing about a very special kind of House sound established by a few Viennese producers like the Pulsinger / Tunakan collaborations throughout early TripHop and Downtempo years. Nice.


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