Friday, April 18, 2014

Da Cruz - Disco E Progresso [Boom Jah Records Promo]

Put on the circuit via the Switzerland-based label Bom Jah Records earlier this week was Mariana Da Cruz' fourth longplay outfit under her band alias Da Cruz that's used when she collaborates with artists like Ane H. and Pit Lee of the former EBM-outfit Swamp Terrorists, Oliver Husmann on guitar, Nick Hürny, Marc Stucki and others. But "Disco E Progresso" is more than a simple single album as it is split in two parts spread over two CDs with the first one named "Bright Side" and living up to this name by spreading nothing but positive vibes with its Brasilian lyrics laid out on top of a wide range of sounds from Ska-influenced Funky Breaks ("Nascer Livre") to heavy Latin Dancehall and Easy Cocktail Listening ("Din Din") as well as grooving but still dancefloor friendly Pop structures or even Drum'n'Bass ("Doralina"). Turning the page you'll find the "Dark Side" on disc 2 which indeed has a darker, more ominous and partly threatening feel to it, especially when it comes to highspeed assaults like the hectic "Cala A Boca", the raw ChemicalBeats rocker "Menino Mau" with its glaring New Wave-reminiscing guitars or the high octane sawtooth bass killer "A Verdade" that'd surely be proper soundtrack for each new GTA game released and is crafted to set dancefloors on fire. Having said this the "Dark Side" is nicely rounding off the albums first part with cold tones and beat heavy workouts which makes th complete package a nice one for those longing for variety. Check.


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