Sunday, April 13, 2014

Thomas Janitzky - Nothing Is Said ('Til The Artist Is Dead) [Arbeiten Und Nicht Verzweifeln 002]

The Leipzig-based imprint running under the name of Arbeiten Und Nicht Verzweifeln which roughly translates as "work and don't give way to despair" put its second 7" vinyl out on the circuit just recently and, with this, emphasizes its roots in the art scene with the serving of two songs that are not exactly bootlegs but more slightly manipulated originals, re-edits or whatever one might names these respectful reworks of Lou Reed's "Walk On The Wild Side" which is named "Transformered" here as well as a re-cut of Madonna's "4 Minutes" coming here as "4 Minutes 33 Seconds" paying homage to John Cage's legendary piece of silence. Whilst "Transformered" seems to be a bit sped up in comparison to the original song and playfully adapts the strange vary-pitch effect of shortly switching your vinyl deck from 33rpm to 45 and back which only happens as often as the phrase "wild side" appears in the lyrics the "4 Minutes 33 Seconds" slows down the buzzingly hectic appeal of  Mrs. Ciccone's original created with the help of Justin Timberlake which btw has quite a great video coming accomplishing the tunes appeal and turns it into quite a sexy tune for dancefloors on fire, jam-packed with a crowd feeling the groove and bouncing their bodies to and fro. And although there's no changes other than the change of speed to be found here Mr. Janitzky's recut seems to be more thrilling and functional than the original "4 Minutes". Well done, although I'm sure Madonna won't be amused to hear this.


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