Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Teebs - Estara [Brainfeeder Promo]

Recently put on the circuit via Flying Lotus' very own Brainfeeder-imprint is "Estara", the third full length album delivered by Mtendere Mandowa which is better known under the name of Teebs in electronic music circles who is serving a decent twelve track menu within 39 minutes runtime here, mostly based on misty, sweet atmospheres and blurred sound aesthetics which are built on top of beat arrangements ranging from deeper Electronica with a TripHop'ish twist to more tribalistic Post Garage / Future Garage cuts as to be found in "View Point". But no matter if laid back, lively or even fusing Post-PostRock with heavy, more distorted beats as in "Shoouuss Lullaby",  Teebs' music always seems to be cushy and well convenient due to its warm, embracing overall nature and floating feel that sometimes even reminisces of more shoegazing Indietronics provided by artists like Ulrich Schnauss and similar minded people.  Recommended for fans of these, those who love Scanner's 1997-released "Delivery" album on Earache plus - when it comes to tunes like "Piano Months" or "Piano Days" - also a good one to check if you're diggin' the Dub-influenced side of Ambient and Deep Listening Music. Favorite tune here: "NY Pt. 2 (feat. Prefuse 73)" due to its hollow, but uberly compressed bass drums providing a quite unique sound, abstract Phonk and an epicly cozy breakdown before the tune comes to an end.


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