Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Sascha Müller And Duality Micro - In The Dark [Psychocandies 022]

Set and scheduled for release this thursday is the latest combined studio force assault of Psychocandies-head Sascha Müller and longtime fellow Duality Micro. Released under the name of "In The Dark" this album is sporting a title well fitting for these six tracks going by the names of "Indum", "Ondum", "Dendum", "Wendum", "Quedum" and "Audum" which, indeed, sound like a perverted form of Latin language. But instead of serving any kind of like ancient knowledge this rat pack fuses dark'ish Acid with loads of lively,  spiralling psychedelia and - talking the first half of "In The Dark" here - a pumping feel only provided by real recorded to tape live jams taking off after a few hours. And these tunes really are ready for take off no matter if frolicking in dark'ish caves or starting from ultra slow motion, progressing into echo-heavy 303-realms or psyched out, squeaking Intelligent Acid trips running for nearly 19 minutes without losing any tension at all. Plus: listening to the electroid abstraction of "Audum" is the final proof  that these two producers truly know their craft when it comes to wandering the thin line between imagination and reality. File under: Acid with expertise.


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