Monday, July 14, 2014

Matthew Collings - Silence Is A Rhythm Too [Denovali Promo]

Scheduled for release on July 25th via Denovali Records, which are also about to re-release his debut "Splintered Instruments" on vinyl these days, is the release of Matthew Collings' sophomore longplay piece "Silence Is A Rhythm Too"- a Deep Listening six track album laid out over approx. 44 minutes exploring the realms of fragile, organic instrumentation, plangent violins, ritualistic drums and icy Drone music, an amalgamation of cinematic quality and a feel for myths and mysteriousness surely surrounded by nordic, especially Icelandic, tales - a place in which Collings used to live for six years prior to moving to his base Edinburgh. Thematically themed by meta terms like romanticism, tragedy and death, especially the antipodal construction of love and death symbolized by the use of silence and Noize, "Silence Is A Rhythm Too" can be filed under the flag of providing autumnal feelings on a PostFolk-referencing, deconstructivist level of Ambient music that defo has its more threatening, thunderously climaxing moments like halfway through "Toms", shortly before things break down into calm organic instrumentation after layers and layers and layers of ravaging sounds built up like a storm front at the far horizon. Following up to this is "I Am Made Of Endless Hours" which is of a more soothing character and provides echoes of melancholia driven Jazz improvisations interrupted by more chaotic sonic events whilst the final title track seems to go the Pink Floyd- meets Future Sound Of London-way (in their "ISDN" phase that is) like one would expect this fusion to sound in the 23rd century - floating, epic, deeply psychedelic and defo providing a sonic trip into one's inner self. Defo a good one and possibly an album too deep to embrace within only one session alone - therefore a grower as well which is about to stand the test of time.


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