Saturday, July 12, 2014

baze.djunkiii Charts 07/2014

01. DJ Rashad - We On 1 [Southern Belle Recordings]

DJ Rashad's legacy. His last release before he tragically passed away. Stone cold, hard bouncing, super dry Juke / Footwork for those who know. Official classic. Must have.

02. Driftmachine - Nocturnes [Umor Rex Records 065]
See review for details....

03. Yucca - Seasons [AdP Records Promo]
See  review for details...

04. Diamond Version - CI [Mute Records]
It's album time and I'm well surprised how smooth the first album effort of Carsten Nicolai and Olaf Bender sounds after a series of more unwieldy, abstract singles that have been introducing their Diamond Version project throughout the past year or so. Embracing a well tight vision of darkness and uber clean production skills the pair serves a phonky, but still threatening pack of ten Electronica / Electro tunes for advanced dancefloors and mathematically gifted folks but also explores quite exciting vocal spheres in collaborations with the likes of Leslie Winer, Neil Tennant of the Pet Shop Boys, Kyoka or Atsuhiro Ito that might be referred to as the future of Industrial SynthPop and Dark Braindance due to their sterile presence and deep ass bass waves. Recommended.

05. Alix Perez - U [Exit Records 050]
Massive release on D-Bridge's Exit Records. Alix Depauw a.k.a. Alix Perez explores hyper abstract Future Choppage / 23rd Century Jungle with the title track "U", delves deep into heavy stepping Dub spheres with "Sludge", a collaborational effort together with Stray, teams up with DJ Rashad & DJ Spinn for the anthemic RaggaJuke killer "Make It Worth" and finally gets grimey with the heavily compressed Dubstep Rave fusion "Gully Halves" that is built around dark sawtooth basslines and heavily pitch transformed vocal bits. Get that.

06. Various Artists - Adventures In Techno Soul 3 [Ferox Records]
After a long period of only sparse occasional releases on the digital circuit it seems like Russ Gabriel's seminal Ferox Records is back on vinyl again and - most important - have set a more regular release schedule for the future. With "Adventures In Techno Soul 3" on the circuit now which is following up on the 1996- / 1998-released volumes 1 and 2 they've gathered an impressive stack of eight tracks for this double vinyl edition including the likes of Darren Harris, Affie Yusuf, Bush Funk, Move D, the labels head Russ Gabriel and others, who are summing up the future of Techno Soul indeed with a musical range from more Ambient / Deep Listening tones, soft spoken Detroit deepness, raw and pumping House with a jazzy, discoid twist to glittering Detroit Techno with clear dancefloor focus - see especially Hoax Believers' "Cosmic Intervention" for this one but also Bush Funk's "Late Night Delivery" seems to, well, deliver in a groove-heavy context throughout small hours. "Adventures In Techno Soul"? Yes, please.

07. Johnny Cash - American IV: The Man Comes Around [American  Records]

Well, Johnny Cash. The man in black. Not exactly the most obvious choice to appear in the top 10 of a former electronic music DJ that is - admittedly - neither an expert of nor overly familiar with Johnny Cash's work at all. But there are two songs on this official repress that I'm closely bond to - the first being his cover of Depeche Mode's "Personal Jesus" which I came across first when my BETA-ZERFALL partner in crime Herr Brandt played that one out at one of our shows in Kiel - a song I've heard millions of times in its original version as it was featured on their "Violator" album which was my first ever vinyl record I bought. The second is a sweet memory of watching a Johnny Cash documentary with the one I'd still call the love of my life - his cover "Hurt" was in it and since we've unfortunately split up this is the only song that still makes me shed a few tears when- and whereever its on. So this album was a kinda essential pick when I discovered it was repressed. But going further through "American IV: The Man Comes Around " there's of course more stunning beauty to be discovered and hailed than these two songs - the tragedy of guilt in "I Hung My Head" or the amazing declaration of love that "In My Life" is in all its reduced simplicity. A great one for sure.

08. Jesse Osborne-Lanthier (Noir) / The H / Madison Dinelle / Hobo Cubes - On Information: A Study In Form Of Pictures And Music [Los Discos Enfantasmes Promo]
See review for details...

09. Istari Lasterfahrer - Walls Cave In On You [Sozialistischer Plattenbau]
After a break of about eight years time this one seven track mini album produced by the notorious Istari Lasterfahrer is the first Sozialistischer Plattenbau-release  after long years that finally makes it into my collection as it slightly sticks out from the uniformity of most of the labels output that - without criticising its straightforward attitude in sticking to what they love - seemed to be stuck in a loop for while, especially when one has been following their paths from day dot. With "Walls Cave In On You" Istari Lasterfahrer comes up with something more refreshening, mixing up his DarkJungle, Ambient, Breakcore and Freebreakz with a lively, frolicking acidic touch and even going back to more experimental Electronics with tunes like "Transgressive" or "Nymph", a tune that even seems to have a slightly experimental FreeJazz twist to it and so does the B1 tune "Hysteresis" to a spine tingling effect. When it comes to darkness levels there's no way not to mention the killing vocal - sic !!! - intro of the thrilling slomo Illbient Bass piece entitled "Fly Away" which pays homage to the great and legendary Electric Ladyland compilations on the longtime defunct Mille Plateaux imprint, whilst "Purquoi Moi" brings out an astoundingly intense level of raw, offbeat driven DarkJungle that reminds us of  the genres heydays in the early to mid noughties.  Nice.

10. Steve Bug - Pelican Glide [Poker Flat Recordings 150 Promo]
There's been much praise recently when it comes to Steve Bug's latest 12" outing on his very own Poker Flat Recordings-imprint and this praise has been proved legit. Whilst the title track is on a moody, but more melody-driven tip with the usualy slice of minor melancholia woven in we see the rare vocal cut "Till It's Gone (feat. Delhia De France)" burst with sexyness and being accompanied by a geometrically stunning video cut. Watch the video here...


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